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How are you today? I am in the process of destashing and it feels great. Why? Because I can easily collect a lot of material very quickly. The reason is simple, I have ways to get it rather cheap.

Something I do is I'll buy sheets on sale at the thrift store and use that for fabric. You can get super cute sheets for cheap and it's a ton of fabric. Some thrift stores even sell fabric, also for cheaper than you'd get at the fabric store. Old sheets are great if you are willing to try your hand at dye or fabric paint.

I know there are also some discount fabric stores, but these may be hard to find depending on where you live. Though we don't have them in my town. Just the big box stores and they aren't that cheap.

But my fav is the second hand store and yard sales. Which isn't for everyone. If that doesn't bother you. I've seen many blankets, sheets, curtains and just odds and ends for sale at the goodwill. I think a good hot trip in the washer with hydrogen peroxide or bleach would make them perfectly usable.

Sending happy decluttering thoughts your way, from VA!

Do you want some material?