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My hobbies are many, and my craft room is full. Take a look for yourself.

I use a spare bedroom as my craft room. I have to large shelves that hold most of my craft supplies, one is dedicated to my sewing stuff and the other has a mix of stuff like drawing supplies.

It's kind of an annoying layout since there is something on everywhere. But I make do. And I am such a succker for Konmari.

I have a closet organizer that house painting supplies and my drawers hold my yarn. I have one desk attached to the wall, I use that one for all hobbies that are not sewing and I have another large table that I use strictly for sewing.

Both tables were diy, the sewing table was made buy my husband and the legs are made by premade shelving units and he even cut I slit to help with cutting fabric. My husband drilled holes in the top of the table for the cords.

These shelves hold more random supplies and scrap fabric. I have two plastic units with drawers, one holds sewing supplies and the other holds more various craft supplies, each drawer hold certain types like cross stitch or coaster supplies. Also you can pick up plastic bins, wire racks, etc for storage and organization.

Make space to keep your ironing board out at all times. It's great to have it ready as you sew.

I also bought a collapsible cutting table. Best investment I ever made.

Lastly I have a pegboard that hold stuff like small paint bottles and scissors.

My craft room has no end