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If Made in USA is important to you, you should know that almost all companies use this as a marketing scheme.

The product is cut and sewn in the US, but all the sourcing of fabrics and materials is from China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc. Many small time manufacturers will have an ethics section on their webpage, often cited their sources for fabric.

Only a few places, mostly expensive selvedge denim, actually have the full supply chain in the US. Every piece of clothing you own was made by a person working long hours hunched over a sewing machine. It was hard and unpleasant work.

If a designer wants that work done domestically it's more than "a marketing scheme."

Yesterday's Heros here in Richmond, VA sells taylor stitch shorts - you may contact them for sales over the phone and shipping, if you don't want to sign up. Keep in mind, buying clothes this way is expensive.